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This web site is maintained by the Trencher Family of West Hartford, Connecticut. Welcome!

Latest Photos: November 2006 Trip to Plaster Fun Time! Yay!

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Heart, Mind & Soul
An organization that helps teens improve their self confidence and motivation, develop and have closer relationships, and work toward making their dreams happen.
Priority Calculator
When making decisions, what are your priorities? Is it often more important for you to be in control? Feel significant? Please others? Or do you just like being as comfortable as possible. Find out more with this Priority Calculator!
Purim 2006 Photos (New!)
Trencher family photos from February and March 2006. Includes Purim photos ... as you can see! (Note: passwords required. Contact us for access.)
Chanukah 2005 Photos
See the latest Trencher family photos (the summer photos are still online too!) (Note: password required. Contact us for access.)
Trencher Tribute Video
Watch the video that DJ made for us upon our departure from NCSY.
More Videos
Watch Shimmy's music videos and NCSY video yearbooks!
Other Features:
Eating Disorders Info
Lots of useful information here in this online Powerpoint presentation on anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.
Stacey's Page
View Stacey's resum?© or find out more about her fundraiser/weight loss initiative ... go Stace!!!
Shimmy's Trip to Israel
View photos from Shimmy's trip to the Holy Land (Note: password required. Contact us for access.)
The Little Guy Video #2
Watch our short video, featuring the one and only DLM eating corn (yeah, that's the whole video)! Also, feel free to watch his Original Video and the October short film! (Note: passwords required. Contact us for access.)
Chagigat HaSiddur
Watch the video from our daughter's "Siddur Party" at her school. (Note: password required. Contact us for access.)
Life Uncommon
View Shimmy's latest video presentation, a tribute to friends, family, and students. (Note: password required. Contact us for access.)
HebCalendar (Updated!)
Download an awesome (if I say so myself) Hebrew calendar program for Mac or Windows.
Favorite Videos (New!)
Memorial for victims of September 11, Israel-related videos, Jewish content videos and more ... can be found here our 'favorite videos' section.
UYO‚Ñ¢ Dates
Looking for dates for Understanding Yourself and Others‚Ñ¢ courses? Do you want to know what UYO‚Ñ¢ is?

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